Cold Wall Effect and Polyurea Linings

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Cold Wall Effect and Polyurea Linings

What is Cold Wall Effect?

Cold Wall Effect is a condition that can exist in structures such as tanks, vessels, buildings, and other structures that have coatings / linings applied on areas where their opposite sides have a temperature lower than the face of the side that is being coated / lined.

How Does Cold Wall Effect – Affect You?

Blisters, blisters and more blisters. Learn the steps and quality control steps to help to avoid cold wall effect.

Learn How to Prevent Cold Wall Effect

Studies indicate that lining systems with the lowest permeability (perm rating) are more resistant to Cold Wall Effect than systems with higher permeability.Not all Polyureas are the same. Find out what materials and what steps will help prevent cold wall effect.

About the Author

Dudley J. Primeaux II, has been directly involved in the polyurea story since the early development works back in the 1980’s. His background is in Organic Chemistry where he holds a Master of Science Degree. He also has a very high degree of mechanical abilities, which proves useful in field application / equipment usage.

Dudley has authored over 40 technical papers relating to the polyurea industry, is named inventor on over 25 US Patents and 8 European Patents. He has experience in the preparation of new raw materials, formulation development, application equipment usage, field application work and failure analysis of coating / lining projects. He knows more about “polyurea” than most in the industry.