eBook: Specifications and Polyurea Elastomeric Coating / Lining Systems

WP_SpecifyingPolyureasCOVER300eBook: Specifications and Polyurea Elastomeric Coating / Lining Systems

Before a contractor / applicator can begin the necessary work of applying a polyurea elastomeric coating / lining system, some guidance or direction must be provided for the project. This information must be correct and understood as well as applicable to the current scope of work.

While it seems that much of the information being provided in the polyurea industry is verbal or short written instructions, this is not the norm for the general coating / lining industry. Each coating / lining application project should be accompanied by a detailed coating / lining specification.

A coating / lining specification is a written, legal document that details mandatory technical requirements of application work involving the use of these protective coating / lining systems, including polyurea systems. This document is crucial to the success of that coating / lining work.

This e-Book will take a look at the major components of a coating / lining specification, show how polyurea technology fits and why it is important to follow that specification.